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Cell phone
charging adapter


Solar charger 1900mAh
 iPhone 2G, 3G, 3Gs, IPod Touch 

1900mAh - Solar charger iPod/iPhone



External 1900mAh - Solar charger
suitable for iPhone (2G, -3G, -3Gs), iPod Touch

Ideal on the way due to the compact size.
Just plug in and the iPhone will be charged.

This external battery pack charges your iPhone
and can be refilled by Sun energy due to the Solar-
Panel or by the iPhone charger on the Downside of
the battery back.

The status-button on the front side gives information
about the actual battery status.

The Form of the housing is especially designed for the
iPhone and give an harmonic optic and safety connection
to the phone.

3,7 V / 1900mAh / LiIon
Rated input: 5V 800mA
Rated output: 5V 500mA
dimensions: 67 x 62 x 19 mm
color: black
weight: 53 g
battery type: external

suitable for:
iPhone (2G), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs
iPod nano (1.Generation, 2. Generation,
3.Generation, 4. Generation,
5. Generation)
iPod mini (1.Generation, 2.Generation)
iPod touch 1. Generation, 2. Generation
iPod classic (3.Generation, 4.Generation,
5.Generation, 6.Generation)
iPod Video (30GB, 60GB, 80GB)
iPod Photo

(not suitable for iPod shuffle)

- portable Power for iPhone and iPod Touch
- Solar-Panel (rechargeable trough Sun-Engery)
- chargeable with iPhone/iPod charger
- LED status display
input voltage 5 V AC
output voltage 5 V DC
lenght 67 mm
width 62 mm
lenght 19 mm
capacity 1900 mAh
output current 800 mA
weight 70 g

Euro   20.90 Ref.: # 42447
min. order 1, shipping Western Europe Euro 6.50

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