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Cell phone
battery packs


 Batteries for Digital Cameras, Camcorders
suitable Traveler, Premier, Minox, Acer, Avant, Rollei  etc.

Batteries for Digital Cameras, Camcorders like Traveler etc.
   voltage 3,7 V
   capacity 1200 mAh
   length 41,5 mm
   width 35,5 mm
   length 10 mm
   weight 32 g
   technology Li-Ion
   color grey
   suitable for Acer
Digital camera accu
for: Traveler DC-8300, Rollei dp8300

Camcorder- Digital camera battery pack with
high performance cells for long stand-by- and
working time.
The integrated protection unit protects the battery
pack completely.

3,7 Volt / 1200mAh / LiIon
dimension: 41,5 x 35,5 x 10 mm
weight: 32g
color: grey
battery type: internal battery pack

replacement for the following battery models:
Acer: BT.8530A.001
Avant: BATS8
Rollei: 02491-0028-00

suitable for the following devices:
Aldi/Medion: Traveler DC-8300, DC-8500, DC-8600
Traveler DC-XZ6

Premier: DS8330
Minox: DC8111
Acer: CR-8530
Avant: S8
Rollei: dp8300
Maginon depending the model

recommended charger set (basic-charger+charger-plate):
item-no. for bulk : 75616 + 48671
item-no. for blister: 76616 + 49671

integrated Protection unit by Lithium batteries
(protection against Overcharge, Overheat and
short circuit)
without memory effect

Euro   7.20 + Versand    2.60 e.g. Germany, France
Qty. minimum 1
# 78198

Traveler Digital Camera DC-XZ6
A great place all about Traveler Digital Cameras.

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