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 TV Wall Brackets

Satellite Offset dishes aluminum
80 cm




80cm Aluminum satellite dishes
Expanded feed arm, metal reflector mounts, wing nuts

Pre-mounted opening mechanism for fast installation.
high stability - strong performing
aluminum reflector against corrosion
Expanded feed arm (50x20mm) with opening mechanism

Double claw clamps for particularly high torsion rigidity
die-cast wing nuts self locking for fastening of the reflector
hot-galvanized steel reflector-mount for mechanical strength
LNB feed holder plastic (optional ALU LNB feed holder #337)
Reflector size: 73x 80 cm
dish type: Offset
Feed adapter: 23/40mm
mast fixing: 30 - 60 mm
Profit (10.7-12,75 GHz): 37- 38,8dB

Euro   30.95  Ref.: ama334 light grey, brick red, dark grey





Satellite wall bracket

wall bracket material: aluminum
tube : 50 mm, 2 mm
distance from wall: 250 mm or 350 mm or 450 mm
height vertical: 250 mm
fixing plate: 150 x 150 x 4 mm
TUV approved
for max. satellite dish : 850 mm

   6.99  7.99   8.99  Ref.: ama300 ama301 ama302



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